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Welcome To The Home of Technology..!!

Welcome to our home of technology and Thank You for visiting. I am sure you are not wasting your time. My name is Laxmidhar Barik from Odisha, India. I have been working in the Networking sector for a decade and I have worked for many ASNs. Currently, I work as a NetworkOperation Lead for my company REDWAN Telecom. As… Read More »

LiteBeam 5AC 16 120 with LiteBeam M5 (Point To Multi-point Configuration )

LiteBeam 5AC 16 120(Access Point )  Find the documentation of this device below. How To access the Ubiquity. Configuration:(AP)——————- Wireless Mode:-I have selected as Access Point-Ptmp AiirMAX Mixed , Because my CPE’s are not in AC categories of Ubiquity ,That’s why  I have configured it as mixed . SSID-Give the name of your AP name which will show you… Read More »

How to Prioritize the SpeedTest.Net in Mikrotik.

Step-1=Create a regular expression. Use the following script to create a layer 7 Regular expression with the name of Speed-test . Step-2= Create a firewall Mangle rule for matching the traffic of regular expression. Step=3= Create the PCQ., Here I want all users must get the 2Mbps while their actual bandwidth is 1 Mbps, which means when they… Read More »

Null 0 Route Creation in Mikrotik

In Mikrotik we can create the null route for IPv4 and IPv6 as well, just add a route like this: IPv4 Null Route Creation Example. /int bridge add name=Null0/ip add = int=Null0/ip route add dst= type=blackhole IPv6 Null Routing Creation Example. For IPv6 all are same but you have to use type=unreachable to configure the blackhole this effect… Read More »

Application Based Bandwidth shaping in Cisco ROuter and switches.

Cisco IOS Implementations Cisco IOS implements policing/marking functionality with two unrelated mechanisms: The rate-limit command implements per-interface input- and output-rate limiting. The police command implements the traffic measurement within the scope of the Modular QoS Command Line Interface (MQC). Rate-limit commands and QoS policy-maps containing the police command can measure inbound or outbound packets on physical or logical interfaces (tunnels, subinterfaces). They introduce no delay (apart from… Read More »