Best website to test the internet speed ..!!

By | March 15, 2022

The best way to test the internet speed is by downloading and uploading some files on the internet, I suggest you download the movies from YouTube through IDM and check the download speed, the reason I suggest you download through IDM software is that IDM creates multiple download sessions so that the download speed will be faster because many servers on the internet have some limitations and they don’t allow unlimited downloads speed on single sessions.

Let’s discuss some of the websites where we can test the speed of the internet.

When you are performing the speed test from one of these sites, You must be aware that faster Internet speed needs a wired Ethernet connection to your computer, and don’t blame your ISP about speed if you are testing your speed through a wireless router. Because an ISP does not care about your wireless signal strength and all and we all know that a wireless connection can be up to 30-50% slower even with excellent signal strength. The disparity between wired and Wi-Fi performance is due to several reasons including additional network protocol overhead, radio interference, physical obstructions between devices, and decreasing signal strength with distance. In addition, as more devices communicate on the network simultaneously, its performance will also decrease. Where possible, always use a wired connection for best performance.

So I recommend you to test the internet speed through cable directly from your ISP
terminated device and Don’t be a fool..

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