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AirGrid M5 HP with AirGrid M5 HP (Access Point and Cpe Configuration )

AirGrid M5 HP(AP Configuration ) Models airGrid M2 HP Model: AG-HP-2G16 • 2412 – 2462 MHz • 16 dBi• Antenna Size: 370 x 270 mm The Device Specification. Below given picture is my Access point. AirGrid M5 HP CPE Configuration. Let’s see the status of both AP and CPE. AP Status. CPE Status. These are the basic configuration but There is… Read More »

Application Based Bandwidth shaping in Cisco ROuter and switches.

Cisco IOS Implementations Cisco IOS implements policing/marking functionality with two unrelated mechanisms: The rate-limit command implements per-interface input- and output-rate limiting. The police command implements the traffic measurement within the scope of the Modular QoS Command Line Interface (MQC). Rate-limit commands and QoS policy-maps containing the police command can measure inbound or outbound packets on physical or logical interfaces (tunnels, subinterfaces). They introduce no delay (apart from… Read More »

Languages For Software Development..

Software development is basically a term that is used for designing and writing code for computer operating systems, smartphone or computer apps, and non-PC devices such as Watches, GPS Devices etc . The programming language that a software developer uses depends on the task he/she wants to perform . Because based on the demand and accuracy the developer… Read More »