Day-4: Types of Network.

By | May 7, 2022

A network can be classified into many categories as we use the network everywhere.

Small Home Networks:– connect a few computers to each other in a home and also you connect those computers to the Internet.

Small Office/Home Office: – enables computers within a home or remote office to connect to a corporate network.

Medium to Large Networks: – It can have many locations which are geographically apart with hundreds or thousands of interconnected computers.

World Wide Networks:– connects hundreds of millions of computers worldwide – such as the internet.

A network can be built by using wired and wireless media. A computer network can be categorized by its size and distance. A computer network is mainly of four types.

  1. LAN(Local Area Network).
  2. WAN(Wide Area Network).
  3. PAN(Personal Area Network).
  4. MAN(Metropolitan Area Network).

Local Area Network.

This is an extremely common and well-known type of network. A LAN connects a group of computers or devices together in a small geographical area. This type of network can be utilized to connect devices throughout one building or even 2-3 buildings depending on their proximity to each other.

WAN(Wide Area Network).

A WAN is a network infrastructure that spans a wide geographical area. The most basic example of a WAN is the Internet which connects many small Lan network hosts and other network nodes worldwide. Since it’s much larger, this type of network is typically maintained by multiple administrators, and ownership is distributed across various organizations. 

PAN(Personal Area Network).

A personal area network is a small network and it is used to share the resources within a personal computer such as Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, Printers, Bluetooth, Game stations, etc.

MAN(Metropolitan Area Network).

A Metropolitan area network is a network consisting of different LANs throughout a larger geographical area such as an entire town. This is one of the most popular network structures being used by broadband internet service providers.

Basically, the metropolitan area network connects the small LAN networks together and makes it a large network which we called as Metropolitan network.


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