Extended VLAN(s) are not allowed in the current VTP mode.

By | August 1, 2022

VTPv1 and VTPv2 support VLAN from 1 to 1000, while VTPv3 supports VLAN 1 to 4096.
Extended-range VLANs are supported only in VTP version 3. If converting from VTP version 3 to VTP version 2, VLANs in the range 1006 to 4094 are removed from VTP control.

Currently, my switch is in VTP server mode and I am running VTP version 1. Now let’s create an extended VLAN 3012. Let’s check our VTP status once and then we will create the VLANs.

SWITCH-3750#sh vtp status
VTP Version : running VTP1 (VTP2 capable)
Configuration Revision : 17
Maximum VLANs supported locally : 1005
Number of existing VLANs : 2
VTP Operating Mode : Server
VTP Domain Name :
VTP Pruning Mode : Disabled
VTP V2 Mode : Disabled
VTP Traps Generation : Disabled
MD5 digest : 0xF8 0x43 0xA4 0x71 0xA0 0x4F 0xAB 0xB0

As you can see above my vtp mode is server and now let’s create the VLAN.

SWITCH-3750(config)#vlan 3012
% Failed to create VLANs 3012
Extended VLAN(s) not allowed in current VTP mode.
%Failed to commit extended VLAN(s) changes.

As you can see above we are getting an error that Extended VLANs are not allowed in the current VTP mode. So if you want to create the extended VLAN then there is 2 solution, Either you have to change your VTP version to 3 or you can change your VTP mode to transparent.

Here, my switch capable is only capable of supporting version 2 so I will configure the VTP mode as transparent. Now, let’s change the VTP mode.

SWITCH-3750(config)#vtp mode transparent
Setting device to VTP TRANSPARENT mode.

Now let’s create the VLAN and verify

SWITCH-3750(config)#vlan 3012
SWITCH-3750#show vlan

VLAN Name                             Status    Ports
---- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------
1      default                       active    Gi1/1
3012   3012                          active    Gi1/2

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