LiteBeam 5AC 16 120 with LiteBeam M5 (Point To Multi-point Configuration )

By | April 11, 2023

LiteBeam 5AC 16 120(Access Point )

 Find the documentation of this device below.

How To access the Ubiquity.


Wireless Mode:-I have selected as Access Point-Ptmp AiirMAX Mixed , Because my CPE’s are not in AC categories of Ubiquity ,That’s why  I have configured it as mixed .

SSID-Give the name of your AP name which will show you in your CPE’s end to configure that CPE.And the WPA authentication should be same in both side.

NOTE:-The same SSID and password should be same  in the both side of Ap and CPE’s end .

Output power selected as 20dBm.

CPE’s Configuration :(LiteBeam M5)

The below picture is my CPE’s configuration..
SSID,Password,WPA authentication should be same in AP and CPE as well.

The Device mode is configured as Station.

After Configuring the CPE devices you can see the status of CPE whether it is connected or not.
Let’s check the status on the main Page.

Let’s check the Status in AP and will see whether our CPE is connected or not.

Now its connected and as you can seen in my AP.

NOTE:–All the configurations are done in the Latest Firmware .so if you can’t see these options then you may have to upgrade the firmware.

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