Multiple Trunk Ports On Same VLAN in Cloud Core Router(CCR)

By | April 21, 2022

In the Mikrotik router board, The VLAN works in a different way compared to other vendors’ devices like Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, etc.

Recently I was trying to configure the multiple trunk ports in a CCR 1036 and I wanted to pass the same VLAN on multiple trunk ports but it did not allow me to do . Here is a situation I have mentioned below.

I have two OLT and they are connected to my CCR 1036, all of my PONs in both OLTs are part of the same VLAN and I wanted to connect both OLT into Mikrotik from two different ports but when I tried to configure the multiple trunk ports in Mikrotik on the same VLAN I couldn’t do it. basically, I wanted that the ETh-5 and Eth-6 must be trunk ports and I will pass VLAN 980 in both ports.


So basically, We have to configure the same VLAN multiple times with different names..Is not it funny ?.. But yes this is the solution I tried and it worked.

Here are the configuration details are given below.

/interface vlan
add interface=ether6 name=980-OLT-1 vlan-id=980
add interface=ether5 name=980-OLT-2 vlan-id=980

/interface pppoe-server server
add authentication=pap disabled=no interface=980-OLT-1 one-session-per-host=yes service-name=service1
add authentication=pap disabled=no interface=980-OLT-2 one-session-per-host=yes service-name=service6

If you want you can configure the IP address also.

/ip address
add address= interface=980-OLT-1 network=
add address= interface=980-OLT-2 network=