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GPON Splitter Loss Chart

Splitters are used for dividing one or two optical signals into multiple optical signals.splitters are passive optical devices that are widely used in Passive Optical Networkssuch as GPON, and EPON. There are different types of splitters we have and every splitter has a different insertion loss, So this is very important to understand in the FTTx network when… Read More »

Introduction Of BGP.

BGP is an Exterior Gateway Routing Protocol and BGP is used for exchanging the routing information between the auto system numbers. Let’s look into some of the BGP’s basic features. BGP Keypoints..! BGP is a Path Vector Protocol. BGP is an open standard protocol. BGP is an exterior gateway routing protocol and it is designed for inter-AS domain… Read More »

BGP & ASN Intro.

BGP is an exterior gateway routing protocol and it is used to exchange the routes or prefixes between the AS Numbers on the internet. Before I go ahead let me tell you 3 RFCs to read and also you can read Jeff Doyles TCP/IP Vol-2, This book is one of my favorite and very easy to understand.RFC4271RFC4276RFC4277 Before… Read More »