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Unknown Ipv6 and IPv4 multicast floods blocking in Mikrotik

I was troubleshooting an enterprise network for slowness the speed. So when I went through the troubleshooting steps I found that there is an IPv6 and IPv4 unknown unicast flooding that occurs in the Lan interface. it’s a medium enterprise where they have almost 400 end hosts including telephone and IP cameras as well. find the picture given… Read More »

Prefix-Lists Hacking.

ip prefix-list A permit ge 32 The above statement will match only hosts. ip prefix-list B permit ge 17 The above statement will match Any subnet in a class B address space. ip prefix-list C permit le 32 The above statement will match all routes. ip prefix-list D permit The above statement will match… Read More »

SMTP Spamming in ISP ..

SMTP works on port 25 and SMTP are used for mail transmission, But SMTP itself is not secure, The main disadvantage is it can be easily hacked or spammed. There are so-called “fake emails” that are messages sent using any address (for example abc@abc.com) to any recipient. Another issue In an ISP network, Most often you may have… Read More »