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LiteBeam 5AC 16 120 with LiteBeam M5 (Point To Multi-point Configuration )

LiteBeam 5AC 16 120(Access Point )  Find the documentation of this device below. How To access the Ubiquity. Configuration:(AP)——————- Wireless Mode:-I have selected as Access Point-Ptmp AiirMAX Mixed , Because my CPE’s are not in AC categories of Ubiquity ,That’s why  I have configured it as mixed . SSID-Give the name of your AP name which will show you… Read More »

AirGrid M5 HP with AirGrid M5 HP (Access Point and Cpe Configuration )

AirGrid M5 HP(AP Configuration ) Models airGrid M2 HP Model: AG-HP-2G16 • 2412 – 2462 MHz • 16 dBi• Antenna Size: 370 x 270 mm The Device Specification. Below given picture is my Access point. AirGrid M5 HP CPE Configuration. Let’s see the status of both AP and CPE. AP Status. CPE Status. These are the basic configuration but There is… Read More »

Null 0 Route Creation in Mikrotik

In Mikrotik we can create the null route for IPv4 and IPv6 as well, just add a route like this: IPv4 Null Route Creation Example. /int bridge add name=Null0/ip add = int=Null0/ip route add dst= type=blackhole IPv6 Null Routing Creation Example. For IPv6 all are same but you have to use type=unreachable to configure the blackhole this effect… Read More »

Unknown Ipv6 and IPv4 multicast floods blocking in Mikrotik

I was troubleshooting an enterprise network for slowness the speed. So when I went through the troubleshooting steps I found that there is an IPv6 and IPv4 unknown unicast flooding that occurs in the Lan interface. it’s a medium enterprise where they have almost 400 end hosts including telephone and IP cameras as well. find the picture given… Read More »

Bandwidth Limiting / Shaping on Cisco Switch or Router Port.

When Internet Service Providers (ISP) gives a new internet link , very often they have shaping rules on their router to regulate internet traffic at promised rate. If your firewall/router/switch is sending more excessive traffic than promised rate, the packet will be dropped by ISP router, then ends up with suboptimal performance and slow internet speed. in this… Read More »

IPv6 Deployement and Subnetting.

Suppose there is IP version 6 address 2001:1D11:220A::/48 assigned to an ISP with 16-bit subnet ID. The network administrators can subnet the IP version 6 address just counting /16-bit subnet ID in hexadecimal. This would allow the administrator to create 65,536 /64 subnet. The table below illustrates the subnetting procedure of IPv6 address. IPv6 Range. 2001:1D11:220A:0000::/48 2001:1D11:220A:0001::/48 2001:1D11:220A:0002::/48 2001:1D11:220A:0003::/48… Read More »