Types of ISP Licenses in india ..

By | March 14, 2022

In this post, we will be discussing how you can start your isp business in India . Let’s start..

What is an ISP and what it does ?

An ISP who basically buys bandwidth from Tier-1 Telecom operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, TCL, PGCL Etc. and sells the internet to corporate and home subscribers.

The ISP License in India is issued and guided by the Department of Telecommunication and that license is called the Unified ISP License..The isp licenses are classified into different categories which are offered by the Department of Telecom. Different categories of licenses have different types of costs, service areas, service types etc.

Is it mandatory to have an ISP license to provide internet service in India?

No, without having an isp license still you can sell the internet to customers but you have to be a partner of one of the licensed ISP, According to the DOT(Department of Telecom), without having an ISP License still you can sell the internet to customers but you cant generate the bill to that customer on the name of your organization so your partnered isp will generate the bill because they are authorized to bill the customers.

Different types of ISP Licenses in India?

There are 3 types of isp Licenses in India , Category-A, Category-B, Category-C

Category A:  Class A ISP License is needed to provide internet service all over the country. The class A ISP License fee is very high. But if you want to provide internet services in pan India then a Cat-A license is a must.

Category B: Category-B license is needed to provide internet services in a state or in a region of the telecom circle. The class B ISP License fee isn’t very high. This category of license is best when someone is just starting the isp business.

Category-C: Cat C License is required for an ISP who wants to provide internet service in one town or in a metro city, etc. The cost is very low in Category-C ISP License. Class C ISP License is for those who basically want to provide internet services in a small town or in a village, in that case, you can take a class-C isp license.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting an isp license

The applicant for the ISP License should be an incorporated company registered under the Companies Act 1956.

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